Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Lazy Blog

Since it looks like I will never blog again I've decided to bring back an old meme from 2006. Wow! That's almost six years ago. Of course I updated it to what's currently going on in my life today.

I AM: Woman, hear me roar.

I WANT: A lot. I want to travel again.

I WISH: I could get myself organized.

I HATE: mean girls, unless they are really funny too.

I MISS: being a kid with no responsibilities and my mom. Always my mom.

I HEAR: Adele singing “Someone like You.”

I WONDER: what kind of adults my kids will be.

I REGRET: not sticking to Creative Writing or Journalism.

I AM NOT: as crazy as some people think. I’m actually quite normal with just a lot of passion.

I DANCE: like nobody’s watching.

I SING: terrible! One time my step-daughter told me that I sang like I was talking. That bad!

I CRY: at every sad movie and some not so sad ones but touching ones. I cry every time I watch You’ve Got Mail and I see that scene where she remembers her mother twirling her.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: a calm nice person.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Not much. I’m not a crafty person any more.

I WRITE: stories, blog essays, memes, emails, work proposals, and too much other crap besides my book.

I CONFUSE: cars. I never know what car someone drives unless it’s a red Porshe Carrera.

I NEED: to get busy renovating my home.

I SHOULD: Finish editing my book so I can self-publish.

I START: to do things I need to do, but then I’m easily distracted.

I FINISH: Work stuff all the time. I do better with deadlines and pressure.

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