Friday, February 04, 2011

Clothes Makes Me Feel Better

The Jacket by Cabi

The Sweater by Cabi

The skirt by Target

THE SHOE by Ann Roth

OK, this post is all about the clothes and the shoes. Now picture this sweater closed, under that jacket, with that skirt and those shoes. Lovely! At least I think so. I love neutral colors. I also love that I can mix and match the jacket and the sweater with different things, like jeans.

Lately I have fallen in love with two brands. Cabi for clothes and Ann Roth for shoes. I would look lovingly at the Ann Roth shoes on her website, but I just could not afford them. That is, until she had a sample sale. I was so excited to buy this shoe, that I had admired so many times, at a third of the regular price. It's the perfect height for a heel and it's just right for work.

I also love the Cabi clothes and I've bought them at the right time too, so I've gotten good deals. I am just in love with that fashion line and can't say enough about it- the design, the quality, the cut, etc..And we can't forget about the bags. I have the perfect bag to bring it all together.

I can't wait to put all these pieces together and to wear this outfit. I don't think it's superficial to say that I love clothes and shoes. Ever since I lost weight I threw away a lot of clothes and I had to buy smaller clothes. Of course now I've gained some weight and I have to work to get back into them and some of that clothes is Cabi. They give me the incentive to lose weight!

The reason I say I don't think it's superficial to love clothes is because it's important to care about how I look and what I wear. I think that's very healthy. I have found in my life experience that when women stop caring about how they look they also stop caring about themselves. And it's not even all about weight. I've been overweight most of my adult life, but I have always paid attention to my makeup, hair and clothes. I have seen people that forget about that part about their self and it shows in other areas of their life. I don’t want to be that person so I will continue to love my clothes and my shoes!

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