Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Locker #18

I wrote this a while back on Hips and Salsa January 5, 2010 and I've gained weight since I wrote it. So reading this today is helping me put things in perspective again. I haven't worked out on a regular basis since the Spring and starting TODAY I am getting back on a schedule. The kids are going back to their 'After School' program down the street from my gym next week so I'll be working out every day when I pick them up. Today I went to the gym while Miranda was in Cheerleading. Tomorrow I am going to take them walking in the neighborhood.

Exercising regularly, weighing myself every morning, tracking my food daily on livestrong.com and trying on small clothes weekly. It is time to get back on track! I wish it was as easy as being a celebrity whose job it is to look skinny, like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Courtney Cox. Of course if I was paid millions to look skinny I probably would too.

Original Blog:  I have a funny habit I told my step-daughter Mandi about when we were Zumba-hopping last week. She laughed when I told her. I always use Locker # 18 in the locker room. I do this to keep my goal right in front of me. My goal is to weigh as much as I did when I was eighteen.

Okay, before you go thinking that's an unrealistic goal and that no almost-40 year old can ever weigh as much as she or he did in high school, you must know that I weighed a lot at eighteen. I also wasn't a size 6, like some teenagers. But I was comfortable at that size. I was a healthy size for my height and very close to my ideal weight. It's also 40 pounds less than I weigh now. That's not so unrealistic when you've already lost 40 pounds.

I thought of moving around to different locker numbers. For example, right now I would be using #25 because I weigh about as much as I did at that age. Then I would move down to #23 when I weigh as much as I did then and so on until I reach #18. That just seemed like too much work and I decided to stick to my end result goal, #18. I want to weigh as much as I did at my graduation.

It's kind of cool that 99% of the time the #18 locker is available at the gym. When I change in the locker room I put my clothes in my gym bag and I put everything in locker #18. As I lock my old fashioned high school-like combination lock on the locker I look at the number 18 before I head out to run on the treadmill and it makes me run faster.

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