Thursday, April 01, 2010

ShoeMobile, I'm Getting Old & Other Awesome Observations in My Life

I saw this ShoeMobile on 290 today on my way to lunch and it reminded me of ShoeGirl Corner. How cool would a ShoeMobile be? Remember the BookMobile when we were in elementary school? Did anyone else have the BookMobile from the Houston Public Library come by to visit their school? Well imagine a ShoeMobile coming by your job with all kinds of shoes for sale? Wouldn't that be just wonderful?

I've decided to update my profile picture everywhere before someone starts blogging about that. When he told me that he was starting a blog that was one of the first things that I told him.

I said, "I hope you aren't going to blog about how my profile picture is six years old." 

He was quiet for a second and then he said, "Do you have a list of my topic ideas?"

So today I've decided to change out the picture. I don't LOVE the new picture, but it's an update and the big sunglasses hide the bags around my eyes. Looking at new pictures of me and my old profile picture made me realize how much I have aged in just six years. It's amazing how much my face has changed between 34 and 40. But I have to be honest and as much as I wish my face still looked as fresh as it does in my old picture, only eight weeks after giving birth to my son, I don't look that way anymore. Let's face it. I'm 40 and I'm older.

Another little note. I had my first mammogram today and yes it hurt. The first picture wasn't so bad because I placed my boob on a little platform. What hurt more was having to turn my head and having to press it against the machine, because of the crick in my neck. The second sideways photo is the one that hurt a lot. I have very big boobs so the poor little woman had to push and tug to put the whole thing in there at the right angle. Pain. When she was finished I went back to the dressing room and I was all red on my neck, my upper arms, my chest and my boobs. That second one hurt both my boobs and my neck because it's so stiff.

The mammogram was another brutal reminder that I'm getting older. Old face, old boobs. After my mammogram I remembered that my assistant was going to take another close up picture of my face because I've been using a new night cream for my face. We want to track how well the cream is working. Well so far the cream is not working that well. Looking at those close-up pictures of my face was depressing.

So there you go. Not much has changed in my life. I still lust after shoes, I'm getting older and my boobs are too. More soon!

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