Sunday, November 01, 2009

Some of Houston's Best Kept Secrets

Sculpturworx- David Adickes Studio
2500 Summer Street

I've known for a long time that local artist David Adickes had his studio on Summer Street near the Heights, but I had no idea that I had driven past it so many times in my life. It's right up the street from the new Target off of I-1o. The studio is up Sawyer from Target and to the right on Summer Street.

The coolest thing about the studio is that the yard is full of sculptures. Most of them are behind a tall fence but a couple are out in the open, like Obama. It's like going to a museum or art gallery exhibit.

For those of you who aren't familiar with David Adickes he is the sculptor of the famous tall Sam Houston in Huntsville and the man with the cello downtown in front of the Lyric Center. He's also created the president's heads on I-10 & 45 and the big Beatles statues.

My sister visited this weekend and we went to Sculpturworx as well as Casa Ramirez in the Heights. We had a wonderful time on 19th Street walking through some of the shops.

My sister came bearing gifts. She brought the kids a really cute and old book "Millions of Cats" by Wanda Gag. They loved it.

She also brought me the cutest little blue apron with shoes all over it and she got me a 2010 Anne Taintor calendar.

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