Sunday, September 27, 2009

Being a Mother & Surviving

Anne Taintor is SOOOO hilarious!!! She just cracks me up so much! Her phrases on her merchandise just capture life's crazy moments. One reads, "had she really hit Reply to All?!?!?" I wonder if I'm Anne Taintor's biggest fan? Some of my friends on Facebook would probably agree that I am. I'm always referring to one of her sayings or another for different topics.

I just blogged about being a mother and working full time over on skirt! if you want to check that out. It really is a miracle that I can work full time and take care of two children.

I so often think back to when I got married and I decided I wanted children. I was really blessed with a great baby. She was so good! But I always believed that I could not have only one child and I didn't want them years apart. I didn't want them too close together either, but not too far. I think three years was the perfect age difference. They play and they fight, like all siblings.

Now that I'm the mother of two, I must admit that having two children is HARD!! Way harder than I imagined. Maybe if I was at home with them full time and I had them on set schedule I wouldn't feel this way. Maybe...But here I am and I have two extremely hilarious children. I know it's challenging but I also know that they are going to be awesome as long as I do my job of loving and nurturing them.

I am so sick still! My voice is still a little hoarse and I need for it to clear up before tomorrow. If I do have to stand up in front of our ad division I'm going to sound more like Peppermint Patty than ever.

I feel sorry for the kids. We've pretty much been holed up in the house all weekend and I was gone last week. I'm sure they enjoyed just having us home. Plus their cousins came over to play with them yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I was so proud of the UH Cougars yesterday for their win over Texas Tech. That was a nail biting game!

The weekend is almost over. Only a few hours left and it's back to the routine tomorrow. I hope I'm well enough this week to start walking again. I want to build up to running. I think the Fall-Spring is the best time to take up running.

You all have a wonderful week until we meet again!

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