Tuesday, October 02, 2007

7th Grade Science Project Ideas

OH MY GOODNESS! How many searches have people made for 7th Grade Science Project ideas? A lot! It is really weird that my blog comes up and that they all actually go to my entry from 2005 with that story. OK what was my lame science project about? I timed how long it would take a candle to go out when covered by a jar. I timed how long it took a candle flame to burn the oxygen in a jar. Yes I did. I know. Lame. But that's not the point of the entry that everyone finds when they search for 7th grade science projects. The point is that I didn't work very hard on that project and I knew it and I felt ashamed of that.

It also reminds me of another blog entry where I talked about parents doing all their kids' work. I definitely did not have those kinds of parents. I had the sink or swim kind of parents. Other kids had parents who helped them make their whole volcano that spewed pretend lava. I want to be a happy medium between that parent and the kind of parent that helps when needed. Parenthood is absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

Which leads me to kids who need a helping hand. This Friday I'm attending the annual AAMA Gala. I really like this event because the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans has a charter high school for kids that need a second and sometimes third chance. They have a child care for young mothers trying to graduate. It's a great program that gives kids an opportunity for an education. It actually has an adult program too. If you want to know more about this organization and school the high school is the George I. Sanchez High School.

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