Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Conversation With a Three Year Old

Son- "Where are you going Mommy?
Me- "Somewhere. A meeting." (I wasn't technically lying. I was meeting girlfriends for lunch.
Son- "Can I go?"
Me- "No sweetie, no kids are allowed."
Son- "I won't be loud! I'll be very quiet."

My precious boy! It's when they say things like this that I just crack up.

Today was his potty party for being a big boy. He took longer to potty train than my daughter(really only 4 months longer) but he was faster at learning the concept. For example, he's already going all night without wetting his pull up. It took my daughter a whole year longer to get that part right.

The party was at Chuck E Cheese and the theme was Scooby Doo. The table decorations were adorable and my mother-in-law made him the cutest Scooby cake. She drew Scooby's face right on the cake and it was delicious as usual. She makes the best cakes and she can make anything. She made my wedding cake and Rey's groom's cake too.

The kids had a grand time. There were 8 of them. Not too big and not too small. I had around 4 kid no-shows from people who RSVPd. Two were sick and two didn't call so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe they forgot because it was also a holiday. That's OK. We had a good time and my son was none the wiser. All he cared about was that his favorite boy cousin was there and that they played lots of games and played on the slide. And of course they had pizza and cake. Who could ask for more?? Isn't three a great age?

As I put on his shoes and he sat on a table looking across at his party table with a pensive look he said to me and my husband, "Thank you for my party." All on his own without any coaxing. Now that makes a mama proud!

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Coco said...

Your little boy is growing up!!
I agree...he's precious!! : )