Sunday, April 08, 2007

Slow Start Morning & Thoughts on Health

I meant to blog something all morning but I got caught up reading the news on That always leads me to looking up other things on Wikipedia and on and on. Between reading the news, eating breakfast, fixing breakfast for the kids, drinking coffee and changing diapers, before I knew it a couple of hours had gone by. So here I am.

This Sunday was a slow start. Rey woke up, around dusk, sick, which is practically unheard of. I knew he wasn't well enough to make it to our morning meeting in the state he was in. My poor baby!

I have plenty to keep me busy today with washing, folding, and putting up laundry. I started it all yesterday but I still have quite a lot to finish today. It's one of those catch up weekends.

I still haven't gotten started on starting my query process again. Or my chapbook plan. I have a lot I need to get started on. The queries should be first because I will never find out if I can publish my book if I don't send it out there.

Sad news. There will not be no Chica Lit Fiesta after all. The author, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez is very ill and needs to concentrate on getting better. It's on her blog if you're interested in reading about it. I think it was very brave of her to post about her illness because so many women do this and don't realize the damage they are doing to their body.

Alisa's situation reminded me of my personal demon, the threat of diabetes that hovers over me. Very much like bulimia, and other self-induced damage, diabetics do the very same thing to themselves. I have people close to me in my life, relatives and friends, who are diagnosed diabetics that ignore the diagnosis. They continue to drink liquor and to eat unhealthy. I find myself doing the same thing, knowing that diabetes runs so strongly in my family.

When I read Alisa's blog entry I thought of all of this. I thought of the irreversible damage that diabetes can do to our bodies. All of our bodies and it scares me. I think of my children and how when I was gestational diabetic I was so strict with myself for their sake. I took care of my body because they were growing inside of me and I wanted them to grow healthy and strong. Well now that they are outside of my body it should be no different. I should still want for them to continue to grow healthy and strong. I should still want for them to eat healthy like they did when they were inside of me. But most importantly I should lead my example.

That is the #1 tip in this article. If I follow these tips I will not only help myself, by keeping diabetes away, but I will give my children a head start so they can have a better chance at a healthy adult life. We all want that for our children don't we?

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Adam Luis said...

Sorry to hear about the Chica Lit Festival and even sorrier to hear about Alisa's condition. Bulimi is a super scary psychological disorder. (I knew some people who did that in middle school - I wonder where they're at now.)

I also appreciated your comments on diabetes. I have family members who are diabetic and the stuff they're going through motivated me to start eating healthy all the time over a year ago. This is actually a project my whole family had undergone and I think collectively, we've lost over 100 pounds.