Saturday, March 11, 2006

Interesting Reading

I said that now that I found out how to post pictures I'd post more. So here's one for ya from my last NYC trip. We took a wrong exit on our drive to upstate NY and we ended up next to this beautiful tree with all this snow under it. It has a little sign in front of it that says that the tree has been there since the signing of the Constitution.

I was at Brazos Bookstore Friday. I stopped in to see if I could find a new copy of Literal magazine because I gave my copy away. I started looking at all the different literary books/magazines and I was surprised by their selection. One in particular caught my eye because of the title, "Golden Handcuffs Review."

I laughed when I saw that because I've heard work referred to in that way. We invest so much into the place that we work, professionally, monetarily, and emotionally, that we can't imagine giving it all up. I think this happens more so now with the high cost of healthcare. No one wants to find themselves insurance-less these days. That's the big scary fact of holding on to our jobs in Corporate America.

Anyway, I digress. The book. It's out of Seattle Washington and it's a collection of contemporary work. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I will read a story here and there when I'm done with my collection of essays by Latinas and my collection of essays by writers. Remember I'm not really reading any books right now, only essays.


Michelle said...

Lovely piscture!

I have not heard the word "Brazos" in ages! 95% of my family is still back in west Texas and my grandfather had some land that had the Salt Fork of the Brazos River running through it (Stonewall County). I swam in that salty water as a child (about a gazillion moons ago).

What a stroll down Memory Lane. I'm glad that I followed you on over!

I'm Michelle - Nice to meet you! :)

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Nice to meet you too! Thanks for visiting!

Yxory - (Ixoree) said...

Great pics! I love taking pictures, becuase with these we can forever capture moments, and share them with others. You have a very beautiful family!

Coco said...

Hola! Gracias por tu visita...
"Blogging" is such a great and fun way to meet new people!!

I've "linked" you, and will visit to see how you are doing.

I will also try and check out your literary works...

I love seeing pictures on "blogs", unfortunately, my skills on posting pictures from home are "nil"- but here at work, it's much easier (from a CD!).


tus nenes estan preciosos!

Sangroncito said...

Love the photo...I've become addicted to adding photos with all my posts!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Sangroncito is the King of Photos. Check out his blog if you haven't. Beautiful photos of Brazil!