Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Year Older

I turned 36 today. I'm another year closer to 40! It's pretty weird to be this age. We went out with some friends today. Not because it was my birthday because I don't celebrate but because we were planning it any way and the event happened to be today. HOWEVER, when we got to the Museum of Fine Arts there was a super long line around the museum. The parking garage was also full and there was a long line inside to pay for parking. We wanted to go to the Starbucks hosted event, "Beats of Basquiat." It was supposed to be really cool with music while we looked at the art by Basquiat. Actually, the music was Grand Master Flash so that was why there were so many people there.

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibit itself so we want to be there when the museum opens to see it.

Instead we went and had dinner. I tried to be good and order soup. Time to read Miranda a story! Good night!

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Anonymous said...

hey, sorry i missed your birthday! happy belated. i can't believe i'm turning 35 this year, either. i still feel 19. or sometimes 9.