Friday, November 26, 2004


You are all going to be very proud of me. I started!! I just did it. I took my lap top to work today and I meant to leave around 3 to go write until 6 but of course it didn’t work out that way. So instead I went to Kaveh Kanes coffee shop at 5 and wrote until 6ish. It was very nice. But best of all I got started. It’s so funny because I know I’m ready to go but I haven’t been able to get going. I’ve been itching to write and I have felt so ready but I haven’t had the time. All I did was make an effort to take my laptop to work and I took 1 hour to write and I feel so much better now. I’m going to start taking my lap top to work every day and I’m going to Kaveh Kanes every day for lunch. I’m going there and to the Rice Lofts lobby. Those are two places downtown that I feel inspired. Oh yeah, and the balcony at Cabo.

I was looking around at old websites I hadn’t looked at in a while and I came across something really funny and coincidental. Remember Alisa Valdes Rodrigez who wrote “The Dirty Girls Social Club?” She has a blog on this same site! Her blog is:

I thought that was really cool so I e-mailed and told her so. I loved her last book but I haven’t made time to read her new one, “Playing with Boys.” Of course with my life lately it’s no wonder I start books and never finish them.

I’m sitting in my dining room/office working on this blog and Rey my husband is playing football on his Xbox online with some other person somewhere else. Let me just say that there is nothing more annoying than listening to a grown man scream at a game. Okay, yes I can think of more annoying things but right now that is the most annoying one.

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