Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Case of the Lost Remote

Comcast Remote

My husband was gone to work to the Dallas/Ft Worth area for a week and in that entire week the remote control to the cable was lost. What kind of crazy irony is that?

First of all let me explain, we are not a three TV household. We have two TVs and the cable is only connected to one. The other one is connected to the wii, so no shows there. The living room TV is connected to the Xbox. So the living room TV is usually used for either watching cartoons or playing Xbox. Once a week or so Rey and I will watch a TV show or a movie together. Since I'm not a big TV person it doesn't really bother me that I don't watch TV. I always have a lot of other things to do besides watching television.

However, the week that my husband was going to be out of town for the entire week I would have liked to be able to watch all the On Demand that I wanted. I could have watched movies, shows, etc. while folding clothes. Imagine my frustration and disbelief when the weekend before my husband left we could not find the remote anywhere. We all looked for it and we could not find it. My husband and son did a thorough search for it but didn't come up with anything.

So my husband left on Monday morning on his business trip and I was left remote-less. I did another search myself and came up empty handed.

When my husband came back on Friday he took the sofa, turned it on its side and shook it. Out popped the remote, along with a bunch of other odds and ends, toys, old wrappers, etc.. I missed out on free television and he gets back on Friday and finds the lost remote that we were sitting on the whole week. How hilarious and how typical of my life.

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