Monday, August 03, 2009

Leopard Geckos, Bike Paths and More

See no one would probably believe me if I TOLD THEM that I saw a leopard spotted gecko. This little guy was inside the door of my garage. I had to get a picture of him or her to share. I took some bad pics with my camera phone and then Rey went and got a much better shot with the good camera.

Yesterday we (the family) saw something super cool! We were driving down Link St. between Airline and 45 and we came across a bike path with tiny little stop signs, yield signs and all. We got really curious so we went around the block a couple of times to see where it started and where it ended. Apparently it's part of a new City of Houston bike path project called Houston Bikeway Program.

The path so far only runs between Cavalcade at 45 and Enid St. right where 45 meets the 610 turn. According to something that I read online the paths are supposed to meet up with Metro bus and train lines. Very cool! We're wondering if it's going to eventually follow Little White Oak bayou to meet up with White Oak Bayou at Studewood Park. That would be even more cool!

The whole thing reminded me of Neighbors Project and how this is a really cool inner-city story to tell. So now I need to go over there to tell them about it.

I did something the other night that I hadn't done in ages. I spent the night at my in-laws house. Well, technically it's my brother-in-law's house, but being that they live there and contribute to the house in a big way I consider it their house too. My mother-in-law, the saint, is helping him raise his two children. The thing is that we went to a class reunion for Rey's classmates and rather than drive all the way home we just crashed at their house. The kids got a huge kick out of it and they got to have breakfast with their grandma and cousins in the morning. It was a nice treat.

So Wednesday is the day I go under the knife! I only have one more day of work and then I have a two week break. It will be nice to take a break and hang out at home for a few days and to be forced to take it easy. Even if I am going to be in all kinds of pain. Abdominal surgery is not fun. I've had it 3 times now. Two c-sections and a lap band.

So last but not least, I want to buy a swing set for my kids. Like one of those Rainbow swing sets. I checked on Craig's List and I saw one but I won't be ready to buy until September. So I will keep looking until then. But if anyone knows of someone selling one let me know.

OK that's all. Nothing too exciting to report here.

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The Moose said...

How far is the metro train going. Does it still end at U.H. Downtown?