Saturday, May 09, 2009

Too Many Writing Projects and Not Enough Time

It is May. Where did the school year go? Last Friday I took my son to tour his new school. Monday I have to go back to the school during my “lunch hour” to look at my daughter’s GT Expo (Gifted & Talented) and to register my son. Friday my daughter has Field Day but I can’t go to that because I’m already taking the following Tuesday off to chaperone her field trip to Space Center Houston.

The days are flying by and school ends the last week of May. Amazing! Which reminds me! I have to get them registered in a summer program.

And in between all of these activities I need to work full time, take care of a house and a family, take care of our spiritual needs, and I need to WRITE! To write, to have glorious uninterrupted hours of writing time. I can only dream of such a thing. But I have to do it. I have to make the time somewhere in between all the other things.

So here are my projects that I need to finish. I’m going to put them out there for the whole world to see. How is that for pressure? How is that for making me feel compelled to do them?

Writing Projects
1. Literary Mama Submission
2. June skirt! Houston Feature on Girl in a Coma
3. Essay about the tortilla route and mom and the dance hall. Maybe for Family Matters on Glimmertrain
4. Finish writing song with Rey
5. Edit my novel. Talk to my friend about editing it.
6. Start working on novel #2. I have an outline.

Realistically I’m not doing all these at the same time. I’m adding deadlines to them. For example, the Literary Mama essay submission is due on the 15th this coming week. The June skirt! Feature is due before the end of the month to give Dusty time to edit it. The story about the tortilla route is due in July, I think, and so on….

So you get the picture. Here I am writing furiously and then I have to get back to cleaning house because I’m taking the kids to a movie matinee. I haven’t taken them to a movie in ages! That is, if they finish cleaning their room. Hey! I have to get some help cleaning somehow. So what if I resort to bribery sometimes? That way when we get back home I can steal away another hour or two of writing time. It’s a plan! For a slightly different version of this blog entry go on over to skirt! I wrote a different ending there.

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The Moose said...

You are a woman of many talents.