Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and More Exciting Matters

OK, so what's up with this crazy swine flu? I was reading about it this morning and all worried about the fact that there were three cases in San Antonio and then later I read that there was a case in New York and I'm all, "Forget about it! We're doomed!"

The Bloggess is reporting that Hailey got scarlet fever and I'm all worried thinking that we're getting these old crazy cases of epidemics coming back and then there's SWINE FLU! What's up with that??

I'm thinking about all this in the back of my mind, yet I still took my kids to the Children's Museum to check out their new wing. A children's museum, totally full of germs. Believe me, I did think twice before I took them there, but I had already told them I was taking them to the infested place where children pass along all their germs.

Afterwards we went by Fiesta to pick up a bunch of stuff I forgot yesterday, like light bulbs and chocolate milk, and I see that my daughter's eye is all red. I was all radical on her, "What's wrong with your eye?" and stuff. She said her eye was itching so she just scratched it and I'm convinced that she picked up some crazy virus at the Children's Museum that she's rubbed into her eye. I'm sure it's going to spread to her other eye and then on to the rest of the family. Is this how swine flu starts? Lovely...

So no, I'm not paranoid about the swine flu, why do you ask? Life is too short to worry about that kind of stuff. Well, too short if you don't believe that you are going to live forever like me, but that's a whole other conversation for another day.

Anyway... oh yeah, my house is a complete mess, but I took the time today to take my kids to the Children's Museum of Houston, I picked up my dad from a random bus stop on his way home and brought him to my house to hang out for a little while AND I watched the second half of Game Four, of the Rockets game against the Trailblazers with hubby. So there! Lot's of quality time at the expense of my house cleanliness. Oh well! The house can always be cleaned, but family time is precious... That's what real life is all about, swine flu or not.

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MaggieBrown said...

As Swine Flu is spread by human to human contact, and children are the # 1 spreaders of germs, it becomes imperative to educate children on how germs are spread.
Young children don't spread germs because they want to, they don't know how NOT to.
Germy Wormy Germ Smart for Kids educates and entertains kids while teaching them how to NOT spread germs.
Please pass along to anyone who has young children and is concerned about the spread of the Swine Flu