Thursday, February 05, 2009

Update for the Week

Kat Von D was very cool but there were a lot of people there, around 1,000. We stayed for a little while and then we went and got a margarita. I heard she signed books until 11! WOW!

I have a feature story in the February issue of skirt! Go there now and read it!

After you finish reading it, go to skirt! again to my blog and enter to win this book by Gwen Zepeda. I'm thinking I made it too hard, but it really isn't if you read my story about her on skirt and then google her cats on her website. If you don't want the book win it for a friend or family member or spread the word and tell people about it. I'm GIVING it away for FREE!

On to other good news. After four wonderful years on blogger I have decided to buy Yes! It's mine! I bought it today. I don't know yet when I will make the switch over there but there will be a notice on here when I do. Yay!

Rey (my husband) also bought a domain name and we'll be doing something surprising and cool with it. Stay tuned! I'm really excited to tell you what but I have to wait until Rey is ready to talk about it too.

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