Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Not Crazy

This song reminds me of my husband. Especially the line that says, "but you're the only one that sees me" because that's how I feel about him. I've said it before. He was the only one who ever really saw me. I had a great time with him in San Antonio and I thought of this song.

I'm Not Crazy- By Lori McKenna

I can fall in love in the middle of the afternoon
With the TV blaring in the very next room
I fall in love again at the end of a raging fight
The kind that keeps us staying up all night

Baby, I'm not crazyI just love the way you look at me
Baby, I'm not crazy
I just expect ecstasy
And I'm trying not to take everything to the extreme
I'm wide awake and you're still my dream
Baby, I'm not crazy

Sometimes I hear a voice telling me that you're the only one
And I'd be nothing but a fool if I let this all come undone
Every now and then I see the vision of a perfect man
When you turn around and smile like you understand that....


Well, there's a dull sweetness in this life of ours pretty as graffiti
And I'm dancing without any music on but you're the only one that sees me, hey....


Oh, noBaby, I'm not crazy
I just love the way you look at me
I just love the way you look at me
I just love the way you look at me
I just love the way you look at me


Jenny, the Bloggess said...


The Moose said...

I suppose this isn't a HEAVY METAL song.

ShoeGirl said...

Thanks Jenny.

No Moose, no heavy metal. ;-D

Coco said...

I like that song...and now I know who sings it : )

Love? It is so vital!!

Cambiando de tema...
How are things where you live in regards to what's happening with the YLDS (?)- Mormons/Polygamist/Sect/CHILDREN

Have a wonderful weekend : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.