Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Chicago Pictures

Picasso Sculpture
Joan Miro Sculpture

Joe DiMaggio Statue in Little Italy (in plaza next to the Starbucks)

Houses in the neighborhood behind the plaza next to the Starbucks in Little Italy.


Coco said...

i'm glad you liked Chicago...
thank you for posting pictures : )
it makes me want to visit the city

how are children doing?


Rose said...

great pics. i love those chicago houses...similar to new york. it makes me what to visit again and try the best mexican restaurant in the country...sorry i didn't remind you before you left. :)

Rose said...

for those of you traveling to chicago and interested in trying an incredible restaurant...visit toplobampo at 445 n. clark st.

Adam Luis said...

Oh, coooool! Nice pictures. Chicago seems like a nice place to visit. Hopefully, I get to go somewhere for summer vacation.

Glad you got back to Houston safely!

ShoeGirl said...

You're welcome Coco. The children are doing great, thanks for asking. All better after a few days of having their mama back.

Thanks Rose and thanks Adam.