Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Busy Season

Hello! Busy week. I sent out a new round of queries on Monday. It made me feel very industrious. I'm sending out a new batch this weekend if I can get my husband to hook the printer up to my laptop. He's helping fix a co-worker's computer so he has all that hooked up right now where our regular desk top is.

On the home front I'm potty training this week with the help of my baby sitter. Last Sunday I made the discovery that the baby (turned 3 last week) had transitioned over to knowing the urge of having to pee. So on Sunday I packed up all his little boy underwear in his back pack and told the baby sitter I thought he was ready this time. Imagine our surprise when he really did show us he was ready. He had 2 accidents on the first day but he continued the rest of the week pretty accident-free. Except in one area. The #2 department!

He is so scared of going #2 in the potty. We can not understand why. He even asked the sitter to put his pamper on so he could poop. Very weird but we are working through it until he's ready. The sitter believes that once he does it once he'll get over whatever fear he has. I hope so.

Yesterday I did something I should have done all school year. I took cupcakes for Miranda's class at lunch. Since we don't celebrate birthdays or the holidays I thought it would be something special she could do. On Valentine's Day I told her to tell the kids that she was going to bring them cards on another day that wasn't a holiday "just because." So on the last day of school she is taking friendship cards to all her classmates. We have to go buy 22 cards soon because school is over in 9 days!

I've taken the last day of school off to volunteer at Miranda's school for the "end of school" party. That should be fun! (wink) I have to start planning her kindergarten graduation party and the baby's potty party. (he gets a Chuck E Cheese party once he's completely trained)

Today is my cousin's daughter's graduation and we're going to the late celebration luncheon. I'm going alone with the 2 kids because Rey has some work to do. We are starting on renovations of our restroom soon. A big project!

So between queries, potty training, work, the end of school, graduation parties and a home renovation, this is a busy season once again.

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