Sunday, January 28, 2007

WIVLA and First Friday

My sister is selling advertising for Literal, Latin American Voices magazine. It’s a beautiful upscale magazine that features Latin American writers and artists.

She heard about WIVLA from one of the galleries that she was visiting and she invited me to a meeting. What an extraordinary group of women! They have different topics each month. One month they have a topic for writers and the next month it’s a topic for artists. This month’s program was about a writer’s residency. It was very fascinating! I didn’t know very much about these programs so it was very educational for me. Personally I could never leave the children for a whole month, but I thought that it would be great for someone with either grown or no children. I’m going to join this group because I would love to be surrounded by women in the arts. Several of them are much older than me and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share.

Next week, Friday the 2nd, I’m going to go hear local writer Gwen Zepeda read at Inprint’s First Friday. They also have an Open Mic portion after she reads and I’m THINKING of reading a couple of poems. I’m not really big into poetry but I was thinking of doing my favorite Daddy’s Stories, My Boy Sleeps and maybe the Starbucks one. OR I’m thinking of writing a brand new one just for my daughter. So if you’re around town and you want to see me possibly make a fool of myself come on by. The reading is held at 1520 W. Main Houston, TX 77006, The Imprint House. Have a great week if I don’t post any more this week.

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