Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Two Cents About World Cup

Okay before any World Cup fanatics message me (like I have hundreds of messages) now that the US Team has lost I'm going to have to root for the Mexican team. Of course I haven't watched any of the games since most of them are playing at odd times I think, so I'm going to have to watch at least some of the Mexico vs. Argentina game today. It would seem only natural that I would want for Mexico to win since I am Mexican-American. So GO MEXICO!


Suvii said...

Shoegirl, sorry about Mexico's loss to Argentina! : ( It was an excellent game however and I think Mexico played like true contenders. They gave Argentina a run for their money!

Sangroncito said...

The only thing I like about football (soccer) are the legs!

ShoeGirl said...

Speaking of legs and soccer players! Have any of you seen the Italian team modeling Dolce and Gabbana undies??