Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Morning

The weekend has been beautiful in Houston. I'm up early because of my early bird boy. I'm having my coffee and I'm debating whether to write for a little while or to walk. As usual the eternal debate. I think I should walk because the way I see it, if I don't exercise and stay healthy I won't be around to write or enjoy the fruits of my labor anyway.

My early bird Seth is watching Little Bear. He just recently started watching TV and it's amazing to watch him get into the cartoons because what's so amazing is that he can hardly talk yet (22 months old) and yet he is obviously following the story. WiLD! Anyway, he's not watching for too long because he's the one going walking with me. Miranda is still asleep which is good. She didn't take a nap yesterday so she was tired.

Life has been hectic and busy. Work is busy and good sometimes and not good others. I feel really good about it for a while and I enjoy what I'm doing and then I start feeling like I'm spending too much time on my job and not enough on my writing. I feel (know) that time is passing me by. It's amazing how fast time goes and that the kids will be 5 and 2 soon. Miranda starts school in the fall! That is hard to imagine! But it's true.

Right now I want to finish my novel but I also want to submit some short stories to a couple of literary magazines. I feel like getting published more will help me over all when I start sending out my novel to agents.

Bueno, you all have a wonderful Sunday. We have a busy one ahead of us so I will get started with a good walk. I'm back on the WeightWatchers wagon again and I need to stay there.

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