Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sometimes I Feel Like Helga


Becca said...

This made me laugh.

Is that a fly above her?

I had a Helga moment today. I was coming home from the clinic ( my little guy is sick) and I kept saying to myself... Dairy Queen or No... Moo latte... or no..
I ate the fly.
Perhaps I'll die.

ShoeGirl said...

I think it is a fly. The rest of the story that goes to this picture is pretty morbid but really hilarious! Thanks for stopping by! I still haven't tried that Moo Latte! I need to! Or is it addictive?

Anonymous said...

do you ever watch the show that helga is on?

it's called the oblongs.
every person in the main family is disfuncional. helga is their friend.

and there are these girls that are tall, skinny, and blonde named the debbies. all of them are named debbie.

it's a pretty funny show.
on cartoon network's adult swim.
you should watch it.

-your neice, Hannah

ShoeGirl said...

Yes, I actually copied this picture of Helga from the Creepy story when Helga chops off all the Debbies' heads. I've seen the show a couple of times too.