Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life Before Cell Phones

Remember those simple times? When I was 23 I worked for the Chronicle for the first time and I was introduced to pagers and cell phones. I had one of those ancient bricks! Anyway, I quit after 2 years (and yes I did go back 4 years later, like an insane woman that I am) and I was so happy to be rid of my cell phone and my pager. I loved not being accessible! It was a new found freedom. I've been back at the Chronicle almost 8 years now so I've forgotten that feeling.

Anyway, my father is turning 82 at the end of this month and he probably remembers when they didn't even have a phone. Funny, I've never asked him if he had a phone when he was little.... I know for sure that he didn't have a TV. So my father turns 82 (YES EIGHTY-TWO!) and he doesn't have a cell. He has had a cell, maybe even 2 cell phones, in the past but we won't go there. Let's just say he "broke" one of them. The one I used to pay for. So for the next couple of years he didn't have a phone and he didn't want one either. But he's getting older and I get really worried about him out alone. He still drives and actually he takes Miranda to ballet on Wednesdays and takes Seth with him too. He and Seth hang out until Miranda gets out of ballet.

I worry about him out and about by himself and when he has my kids with him. I worry about his car breaking down or him having a flat and not having a way to call anyone. So I got him a phone and he accepted it. I think he realized he needed one too. So now I feel better and hopefully he feels safer. Cell phones can be a pain but they can also be a great convenience.

The baby fell asleep early for a change. I've packed their bags for tomorrow and I'm ready to go to bed. I'm just going to set the coffee pot and I'm out for the night. Good night friends everywhere! Thanks for reading me and please post often! I love hearing your comments.

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Shelia said...

Sometimes I can't imagine a life without one, but I had mine cut off for about 2 months and I really didn't miss it. Now I have one to talk to relatives with because of the unlimited minutes.