Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Guess I'm Redeeming Myself

I say I'm redeeming myself because so far these 2 days I've already done way more than I did the whole weekend. Yesterday I went to a Cycle class for the first time during lunch.

I found out I could work out at the gyms close to my job so I found out what classes were offered there. I'll tell you all more about that later. So I actually worked out during lunch! Can you believe that?! That's so unlike me. I'm a woman on a mission. To be healthy! Then in the evening I did a bunch of laundry and stayed up very late folding it all and some other clothes I had washed last week that I still had in the baskets.

Tonight I went to a salsa class at my regular home gym. It is such a fun class! I sweated and really felt like I got a work out. It was an hour long. After that I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Now I'm blogging and I'm about to prepare for my meeting (JW) Saturday.

Tomorrow I'm going to check out the Pilates class at my home gym after work if all goes as planned. There are some other classes offered around lunch that I may check out some other days. And Yes I did work at my regular job both yesterday and today.

But now let me tell you the hilarious story of the Cycle class. I really thought that the class was one of those spinning classes where you cycle and you exercise your arms. I was kind of nervous and thought it would be tough but little did I know. It turned out to be a cycling class on a 10-speed type bike. It was a hard class where you had to pedal really fast, then stand up, sit down etc... Just so you can get a good picture of this class, imagine, 90% of the people in there were skinny and fit!

There was one guy in particular, across the room from me, that was young and fit and I swear he kept looking at me. First when I walked in, like he was wondering if I had walked into the wrong class. Then after that he kept looking over at me like he expected me to either fall off my bike or give up any minute. Me, being the competitive person that I am, had to show him and I actually stuck to it for 30 minutes. That's HUGE! You have to do the class to know what I mean.

Of course I'm probably just exaggerating and being uncharacteristically (ahem) paranoid, BUT it sure felt like he kept looking at me. Maybe I have to create these nemesis in my head so that I can show that person and thus show myself. Hmm... Interesting theory.

I'm on a mission to become healthy both spiritually and physically. I feel that when those two areas are balanced in my life everything else will fall into place.


RG said...

Loida that's great that you are able to work out during lunch time and after work. Keep it up girl...you will definately reach your goal!

ShoeGirl said...

Thank you for the sweet comment RG!

serena said...

i did the cycle class--and i know exactly what you mean. i am more stubborn than you. not only did i do the 1hr and 15min class-it went over, but i went back for 1 more class. enuf was enuf