Sunday, March 26, 2006


That's what I did today. Way worse than yesterday. I mean nothing! Not one thing. We stayed inside the house the whole day. I felt kind of guilty for a little while but then I got over it. I need to do this once in a while to recharge my batteries. We can only do so much in a given week!

Okay I did do a couple of things besides take a shower. I found the sweater that goes with Miranda's dress online. They were out at the store but I coincidentally received an e-mail from the store via Amazon and they had the sweater so I ordered it. I also changed my phone plan. I cut down my minutes since now I have my dad on my phone. AND I also read blogs and blogged (like right now). And I played with the kids too or rather the kids played with me. They jumped all over me on the bed.

Like the new picture? I finally figured out how to change it. I had to resize it but now it looks tiny. That's OK, if you want to look at the larger version go in and view the profile. I look so old!! I look every bit of my 36 years!

This past week was really busy with trying out the new gym, going to my meetings, and attending the LBFF volunteer meeting. This coming week will be busy too except that I'm not having any of my meetings in the evenings. We had a change in our JW meeting schedule this week so I'm free every evening to go work out and I'm also taking the kids to take their pictures one day.

Friday Rey and I have the Hispanic Media Professionals Annual Gala to attend. I always like attending functions like that where I get to hear successful inspiring Latinos speak. The keynote speaker will be John QuiƱones of ABC Primetime. We'll see how he is. Hopefully he won't disappoint and be boring.

I'm going to be adventurous and I'm going to try to start working out some lunch hours. There's a 24 Hour Fitness right around the corner from me and they have a noon cycle class I'm going to try on my meeting days when I can't go in the evening.

I'm going to be getting off of my reading hiatus soon. Two new books are coming out this month that I need to read. One is Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's book and since I'm going to see her at the LBFF in May I need to read her new book, "Make Him Look Good" Kyra Davis' new book is also out soon, "Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights"

One last thing before I forget. I had my last Project Grad meeting with my mentee Friday. It wasn't sad at all because it's actually the beginning of a friendship that we hope to grow. Under the Project Grad rules I can't pick her up in my car and take her anywhere because of liabilities, etc. Now that the program is over I'm going to go by her house to meet her mom so I can get to see her some other times out of school. I want to take my good friend Jena Moreno (Chronicle Business Writer) to meet her one day for either coffee or dinner. Rosy is interested in going into Communications so I'm trying to expose her to people who work in that field.

I'm outta here. I have to wash gym clothes before I go to bed. Love y'all!

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