Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Writing Day 1

I've been upstairs in my room since 12:30 Central time and it's now almost 4! I've been working on one of my more challenging chapters. Good progress and a good start to a week of writing!

Weird thing! Here I am 2 days from leaving and I was chewing gum of all things and I felt something hard in my gum. It was a piece of one of my molars! Isn't that crazy! Rey confirmed it when he came home. He looked in my mouth and said my back molar looks chipped!

Now I have to go to the dentist tomorrow before I leave. Why do things like that always happen to me?

So tomorrow I need to write in the morning, then go to the dentist, and come back to write some more. I want to pick up Miranda at 4 to take her to her ballet class. I need to pay and check in about her progress. I never go since she goes at 4:30 and I'm at work then.

I love writing in my "Virginia Woolf" room. I've written about my attic room before. I love being surrounded by all my books, although they aren't in alphabetical order by author any more. I used to have them all in order until Miranda decided it would be fun to play with them. Kids happened to them.

I love how people with no kids have no concept of that. They'll say things like, "Why do you let her do that?" UH! Because kids do things when you aren't even watching. Can you imagine if you could control kids from doing everything you didn't want them to do?

Anway, I digress! I love my room with my Maya Angelou quotes! (Thanks Liz!) I can come up here and pretend I live in another house.

Enough writing! I'm going walking at Memorial Park. I need to go put on my tennis shoes.

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