Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sad Story

I feel bad for not mentioning this before. I've been going on about my outings and my exhibit y no se que mas, and I didn't mention that I had another one of those experiences when I stop and realize how short life can be.

Friday at work a co-worker asked me if I knew another guy who works across the hall. I answered that of course I do because this guy does all the print bids and I used to work with him quite often when I was a direct marketing rep and special sections coordinator. Anyway, I asked what about him and my co-worker says he died.

I don't know why, but right at that moment when he asked me if I knew this guy I had a feeling that's what he was going to say next. It was eerie. I was shocked because I see this guy almost every day when I walk into the building. When I walk in he worked in an office that's to the left hand side and when the door is open his back is to the door. I also see him whenever I poke my head into the office from the other side to say hello to my friend. He was kind of quiet and never really made conversation but I knew him because I've worked with him before and I also know his wife. She went to high school with me.

A couple of years ago when I was organizing our 15 year reunion he asked me if I went to Waltrip and I said yes then he told me his wife did too. She was looking at an e-mail from me and he saw my name and wondered if I was the same person. It was a weird coincidence.

I still don't know how he died but apparently it was sudden. He didn't show up at work that morning and his wife called to say he passed away. That's all. No explanation. They may know more on Monday.

What's weird is this. You see someone every day and just like that they are gone. That can happen to any one of us. I know that but every time it happens again it just reminds me of my mortality.

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