Friday, February 17, 2006

Hello From NYC

Hola! I have had two crazy days so far! I can actually go back to Wednesday because I never wrote about that. After I planned to write for those 2 days wouldn't you know that something had to happen? Remember the cracked molar? It started hurting me so I went to the dentist on Wednesday. They couldn't see me til 11:30 and I ended up spending 3 hours there! What a waste of the day because by the time I got home it was late since I had to pick up Miranda and take her to ballet. What a bummer!

Then Thursday we left for NY. I was so exhausted in the morning but I got to sleep really well on the flight. I got extra time to sleep because we left late and we couldn't land in Chicago. We were connecting flights via Chicago and the bad weather ended up ruining our day. We got stuck in Chicago for SIX hours. Horrible day! We didn't get to NY until 9:30 at night.

Then today in NYC we got up and we had to go listen to this Hilton Club presentation for 1.5 hours because that's why we got this really good deal on our room. Surprise! It was really for 3 hours and another day practically wasted on that instead of sightseeing. (On a side note the Hilton Club is a really cool deal if you're interested in something like a time share with the Hilton Hotels but not restricted like a time share.)

We still had a great time afterwards having lunch with my cousin Cindy at Josie's, this really good organic restaurant. After that we did sightseeing at Grand Central Station and we shopped at Kenneth Cole. I got 2 pairs of shoes for $35 and $30 and Rey got a pair for $75!! Sweet deal!

Later tonight I saw my first Broadway show- Hairspray! It was awesome!! I would have loved to see The Color Purple, but #1 it was sold out and #2 the tickets are over $100! Hairspray was good enough. Actually it was even better than I expected. Great choice! Rey went to the ESPN Zone with my friend's husband and he had a great time there too.

SO it's late late Friday night and tomorrow is Saturday. We check out in the a.m. and we are going to drive to Patterson, NY. After that day trip and nice drive we're spending the night with my girlfriend and her husband for our last night in the Big Apple. Time is flying!

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Sangroncito said...

I love New York! (my hometown)...have a blast!