Monday, October 31, 2005

Lori McKenna

Remember that name. She is going to become HUGE, especially now that she was on the Oprah show. She's a singer and song writer. Faith Hill used 3 of her songs on her new album, "Fireflies." McKenna wrote the title song too. Oprah took that angle on her show but how many women like me went and Googled Lori McKenna after that to find out that she already has several independent CDs and is well known in the Boston area? Either way she's a star now!

If you like folksy slow music you will love her. Her voice reminded me of Natalie Merchant a little, not her style, but her voice. Check her out! Her journal entries about her Oprah experience on her website are so cute! She's so honest about how every one of us would feel if we were on Oprah. I'm definitely getting her music. I especially loved her song, "Ruby Shoes." Gotta go to work now!!

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