Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life Is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans

I was telling my co-worker this afternoon that I was definitely going walking today to justify eating a bagel as an afternoon snack. I told her how many points it was (3) and that if I walk 40 minutes I will gain 3 points to trade. Hmm.... Anyway, I was so sure I was going to go walking today.

Then my sister calls me at 5:30 to ask me if I've left and do I know if it's raining on my side of town because it's pouring on hers. I don't know because I'm in a box without windows. I don't even remember that I'm supposed to go walking at this point.

As I finally walk out the building at 6:15 I smell the rain way before I see it. It was this really cool smell of rain and ink mixed together. I love the smell of ink by the way which is why I have worked for a newspaper for 20 years now if you count my high school paper, which I do. (more about my fetish with ink later) The smell was so strong in the hall that faces the dock door and I guess it was creeping in through there. I walked into the lobby and asked the security guards if it was raining and they said it was.

OK so on I go outside to walk in the light rain to my car. So far so good because it's not heavy rain. I get to my side of town and it's not raining yet, so now that I've remembered walking again I'm thinking that maybe I can beat the rain.

When I get to the babysitter's house and I see the baby's bottle of milk through the window sitting on the table and the babysitter walking into the kitchen with Seth screaming his head off. I think, "Boy he must be hungry!" She opens the door with a look of despair on her face and tells me that there's been an accident and that Seth burned the palm of his hand on her curling iron.

I almost start crying. I take him in my arms and hold him then sit down to look at his hand. He's screaming bloody murder and his hand is red. I almost start crying again. I feel all ugly inside. I can't believe this accident has happened but I see that the sitter is overly distraught and doesn't look well. I find myself soothing her and assuring her that it's okay and that accidents happen. She feels terrible that this has happened and she's worried about what my husband will say. My poor baby! He won't stop crying until the babysitter takes him and rocks him until finally he falls asleep.

So now I take him to the car and place him gingerly in his car seat so as to not wake him. Miranda climbs in on her side, I get the baby bags, I strap Miranda in and we're off to our house. Gone are thoughts of walking and the bagel I ate.

So much drama! He ended up fine later that day, running around like his old self, except that he has a little blister on his index finger and it has to be his right hand and he's showing signs of being right handed so far. My poor baby!!

By late evening it was pouring rain so I opted for 10 minutes of my rickety old staircase and 10 min of aerobic arms. I got my 3 points worth after all!

I know I said I'd write about WeightWatchers next time but it' s late and I'm tired. I need to get the baby bags together so I can be ready to go in the morning.

Oh, except for one more thing, or two really. A co-worker of mine is living in Paris for one year because her husband was transferred there. She sent me the most awesome e-mail that she doesn't even realize is so awesome. It's a wonderful description of her observations of the people who live in her building. It reminded me of the French movie "Amelie" with all the interesting characters. I told her she should really start a blog. (If she's reading this I hope she takes my advice!)

Then she tells me that another ex co-worker of ours Rachel Spencer is doing a blog from Paris for the Chronicle! Isn't that interesting??? Check it out if you get a chance at

I was really touched by her blog because she did something I attempted to do so long ago and that was leave Corporate America to write. What a brave woman! I sent her an e-mail and told her to just do right now while she's young and without children.

Good night and talk to you all soon! And I wonder why I can't wake up in the morning!

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