Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer is Almost Half OVER And What Have I Accomplished?

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost half over. That just seems incredible, but I know I say that every time. I say it at the end of the school year and then I say it again when school is starting.

Magnet by Anne Taintor

It just seems that when summer is over half a year is over too, and I'm not any closer to my goals. Which is why I have decided to make a vision board to picture my goals and what is most important to me. One things that is important is the children's education and tonight I pulled out as many easy reader books as I could find to get my son started on his summer reading list.  We have less than two months now to get him up to speed on his reading before he starts first grade in the fall.

Also, we are almost half way done and I'm glad to report that my husband Rey has picked up his blog, You Should Blog About This again. I was starting to worry that he wouldn't record his wonderful summer experience with the kids. I tell him that they will remember this summer as long as they live. :) I'm so happy that he picked up his blog again because it will give me more writing material too. Like commentary on his blog topics! (evil grin)

I always envy people who have what I consider time to write. I envied my friends who were stay at home moms for a while and for their time living in Europe (Ireland and Spain) and I was always telling them that I wished they would keep a blog about their experience. I still tell them today that they have wonderful writing material. I'm so glad that my friend Viki is keeping a blog of her Singapore experience! I also envy my sister her summers because she only works during the school year. One of the reasons I should have become a librarian or a teacher back when I thought about doing it fifteen years ago.

I don't envy them in a bad way, but I guess how else can you view the word envy? I only wish that I had that time so that I could write full time during those periods. Then I think of Julie from Julie & Julia and I think of Gwendolyn Zepeda. Julie wrote her Julia Child cooking blog while working full time and Gwendolyn Zepeda works full time and writes full time. Which reminds me, I'm also giving away Gwendolyn's most recent book. Enter to win Lone Star Legend!

So no, I realize that working at home or being a stay at home mom (whichever term you prefer) isn't the answer. I know I can write and work full time. I only hope that one day soon I will publish something, or more than one thing, that will allow me to concentrate full time on my writing. And when that day comes I promise that after working for seventeen years I will fully appreciate that time.

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