Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Gary the Snail!

What was this little snail thinking? I was driving to work this morning and I was just about to turn on 610 to get on the freeway when I saw this little guy staring at me through the windshield. I was so surprised! Not only was I surprised to see a snail on my windshield early in the morning and while on the road, I was also surprised by the size of this thing! I loved its little house too! It was such a pretty shell.

How did it get there? I wondered. It was probably on my truck over night and then while I was driving it decided to come out of hiding. What's amazing is that it made it all the way over near the kids' schools while I was on the freeway. Unless it climbed on while I was inside my daughters' school buying books at the Book Fair.

It was a crazy busy day at work so it's kind of nice that I have a nice memory of the morning. The other nice thing that happened today was that we had our Service Awards at work and I received my 10 year pin. It was a nice little recognition especially in view of what's happening these days in the industry. I am reminded on days like this of why I have a passion for newspaper and why I'm still here. It's a tough industry right now, but one that I believe in.

My writer friend Gwen Zepeda has a new book coming out early next year, Lone Star Legend. The description sounds really good! Read it!

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