Saturday, March 14, 2009

My New Girl in a Coma "Crush"

I am so proud of myself. I have finally gotten out of the '80s music time warp I've been in for the past twenty years. (I've written about this before.) In the early '90s I did listen to some music. I liked some Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilipeppers and Soundgarden. But the affairs were brief and unfulfilling.

After college and when I started to work full time I went back to my '80s music and stayed there. Yes, I have listened to some random stuff in between. In the past two years I have slowly started to listen to some new music. For example, I love Lori McKenna and her folksy beat. I love the lyrics to many of her songs.

Now at the ripe age of 39 I have discovered new bands that I have fallen in love with. My latest "crush" is Girl in a Coma. I know that for those that have known about Girl in a Coma that may seem so "yesterday" but it's new music to me and I love it. Here's a link to a Guanabee post about them at the Pachanga Festival in Austin. Listen to it through the end. I love how Phanie Diaz describes Morrissey. They opened up for him on the East Coast and on his European tour.

After reading that Girl in a Coma was opening up for the Sor Juana Festival/Divinas Concert at Discovery Green this month, I wanted to hear their music. The name caught my attention of course, being a Morrissey and Smiths fan. I went on to You Tube, where we all go nowadays, and I quickly found all their top songs from their debut album, Both Before I'm Gone. I fell in love with a bunch of their songs, mainly, "Simple Man," "Their Cell," "Clumsy Sky," "Road To Home," and "Say." Check them out if you can. You won't regret it!

Something that really strikes me about this band is how young they are! The lead singer, Nina Diaz (sister of the drummer Phanie) was only 12 (yes, TWELVE) when she started writing songs and singing with her sister and the bass player, Jenn Alva. Of course she's much older now, but still in her early twenties at the most. Her songs and her voice get beneath your skin and the songs stay inside your head all day. In a good way! I bought the whole album on iTunes and promptly added them to my iPod and I've been listening to them all week.

I can't wait to see them in person next Saturday at Discovery Green.

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