Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What a Homecoming!

I came home to two sick children. The baby boy was running fever all weekend so I had to run him to the doctor early in the morning Monday, after dropping my daughter off at school. That evening when I was about to leave work to pick up my daughter from after school I got a call that she wasn't feeling well and her head was hurting.

My sister, who lives around the corner from the school, picked her up and by the time I got to her house to pick her up she was fast asleep and very warm. I let her sleep there because it was raining hard outside and I still had to go pick up the baby from the sitter's. I went back later and picked her up once she had napped, but she still didn't feel well. She came home and only wanted salad for dinner. I let her eat that, at least it was something, and she went to bed early.

I had taken today off originally to take chaperon a field trip for my daughter, because I haven't done it all school year, but instead I had to take a wellness day to stay home with her. She woke up very hot and I know that all she has is the same thing her brother has so there's no point in taking her to the doctor so she can tell me the same thing she told me about the baby. She didn't even want to prescribe anything.

So here we are at home. My daughter is feeling a little better. She watched cartoons all morning and now she's doing arts and crafts with paper and scotch tape. I told her that if she's feeling better we'll run to the store. I need some manila envelopes and business envelopes so I can start sending out queries again.

Welcome home to motherhood!

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