Friday, January 05, 2007

Life in General

I don't usually do posts like these but it has a purpose. This is not every day, this is only once a week, but it's an example of a crazy long day for me.

4 a.m. Baby wakes up crying. Can't figure out what's wrong with him. He says he wants Daddy. He leaves our bed (yes I believe in co-sleeping) and goes to look for Rey.
I get up and pee and then go to the kitchen to try and get him some Tylenol. He doesn't want it but he goes to sleep with Rey.

5 a.m. I feel like I just got back to sleep and here he comes again getting into bed with me. I fall back asleep.

6 a.m. The alarm goes off but there's no way I can wake up. I snooze until 6:45. I finally get up and start getting me and my daughter dressed at the same time. I stick some Lean Pockets in the microwave.

Once we're dressed we get in the truck. Thank goodness the baby is back at the sitter's. No getting him dressed or making his lunch. I pick him up asleep and put him in his car seat and hand him his sippy cup of milk. He drinks it sleepily.

My daughter eats breakfast in the car. (I did drop her off at 7:30 Wed & Fri to have breakfast at school)

8 a.m. I slide up to the front of the school. She jumps out after I remind her about listening etc.

8:20 Drop off the baby at the sitter's.

Drive in traffic in the rain forever. I don't get to work til around 9:30.

Work, work, work... I have a ton to do because I have a huge long TO DO list for Friday full of meetings at our downtown office.

5:30 Rush out of work to pick up my daughter. Where did the day go??

5:55 Pick up my daughter.

6:20 Pick up my son. He's asleep and he's not dressed for our Thursday night meeting (church). The sitter goes to wake him. My daughter plays. We dress the baby together while we talk.

Drive home and my daughter falls asleep.

7:00 Arrive home. Eat something small and quick and drink a Diet Coke.

7:30 Arrive at our meeting just in time. My husband is in charge of the mikes and has a talk (public speaking school). Since he has responsibilities that night the responsibility of the baby falls on me. My daughter continues to sleep, curled up on her chair. I wish I could join her.

9:15 Meeting ends. Husband has to handle the literature desk for a while.

10:00 p.m. Finally we're on our way home.

10:10 I have to feed the kids even though it's this late but they haven't eaten. He was asleep when I picked him up so he never ate dinner.

10:40 Daughter takes a bath.

I do some work I didn't finish at work for about half an hour or 45 min.

11:30 I get them in bed but they're wide awake.

12:00 am. We all finally drift off to sleep.

So this morning I was a little tired. Not as bad as yesterday but I am and I have to clean now. We're having friends over for dinner tomorrow and I'm cooking so I have to get as much as I can done tonight. Sometimes I think I overextend myself.

Something Cool

A friend sent me a link to this site. I know you literary folk are going to say, "Now Shoegirl, How can you call yourself a writer and you didn't know about this site." Well I didn't! It is such a cool site!

I love all the links to the different literary magazines. I love the way they have the front cover displayed and a short description about each magazine. Very cool! Check it out if like me you didn't know about it. After I finish revising the chapter I'm sending to Houston Institute for Culture I'm going to submit a short story or essay to a couple of magazines on there too.

On to clean the house and get it ready for la visita tomorrow. Rey is helping with the laundry.

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Coco said...

yes, i understand...
life is always a rush!
correle por aqui,
y correle por alla,
corre, corre, y corre!

i'm glad that you and your little ones had a wonderful time at the museum : )

with my mom...
i'm trying to make what little of life she has left at least more "happy"...mas como "familia".

i can only imagine what you must feel on not having your mother with you...lo siento.

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.