Thursday, January 05, 2012

Just Get Me Fitted for My Dentures Already

I'll never forget when two of my older sisters informed me that my teeth were old now and that I would start getting crowns soon because we inherited both our parents' bad teeth. I promptly had to get my first crown right before I turned 40. Love them!

Let's start with my molar issues that started a couple of weeks prior to my vacation. Anyone who knows me knows that nothing is ever simple in my life. Just because the first two crowns I had were non-complicated did not mean that they would all be that way.

So my third crown was a nightmare. In a nutshell I had to have 8 shots and finally some gas because I had a little break down and cried because of the stress. (yes, I said cried) Turned out the crack was right on a nerve. So every time the dentist would drill I could feel it and he had to keep giving me more shots. Then I choked on the water and had to sit up and that's when the tears just flew out of my eyes. When I started crying he decided I needed a little gas to calm me down.

After that bad experience the temporary crown came loose two days later and I had to go in to have it replaced. If that wasn't enough it started to crack on the last couple of days that I had it on, but I just hung in there until the appointment when I was having the permanent crown inserted. Even after the pemanent was put it in I didn't feel right. I kept telling the dentist that it didn't feel right.

When I went back in for my cleaning the week I was on vacation we found out that it wasn't the right size. Of course it wasn't! After he gave me 8 shots that first visit my gum and my mouth were totally swollen. I looked like I had been punched in the face that day. (I had to go to Kroger looking like that because it was our turn to provide the snack for M's Odyssey of the Mind meeting and I got all kinds of weird looks.) The point is that if my mouth was that swollen I can understand why he didn't get an accurate mold of my molar.

What does all this mean? I have to go back in now to have it done all over again. This time they are going to have to break the permanent crown to remove it. I am so not looking forward to the torture.

On a good note, I lost around 7 pounds because I couldn't eat. Maybe I'll lose another 7 lbs when I have all this work re-done. That reminds me, I need to call them to make an appointment for next week.


GulfDental said...

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Jamar Schaffer said...

Hey, it’s okay, Loida. This is not a rare procedure nowdays. Some just look so natural that we don’t even realize they’re artificial. Anyway, this whole thing wouldn’t be a problem if you have well-fitted and natural-looking dentures. The all-ceramic can really do the trick here. Plus, they’re non-allergenic. :) -->Jamar Schaffer

Seth Webster said...

Oh, that’s really an awful experience, Loida! You had the same experience as my mother as well. Good thing, she figured that there’ something’s wrong the moment she fitted them. Anyway, since you had the dentures done again, did you get the right size for your molars now?

Seth Webster

Latarsha Ghoston said...

Getting dentures is a very common procedure, and it's nothing to be worried about. While it’s more common among older people, younger people do get them as well, like a friend of mine did recently. He got into an accident a few years ago that cost him some of his teeth, so the dentist had dentures made for him instead.