Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Blog Happy

Image by Anne Taintor

It's been almost two weeks since I decided to put ShoeGirl Corner back in business and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. The trick is to stick to a certain subject matter for each blog.

My skirt! blog should be more about being a working mom but sometimes I'll delve into the challenges of being a working wife too. This last post took a bit of a different turn and I think my husband thought I was going to post it here.

The Hips 'n Salsa blog should stick to the subject of weight loss and exercise. I talk about other stuff that relates to that.

Then there's this baby here. I think I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with it and my two other obligations. Because I feel like those other two are blogs that I need to keep up. The skirt! blog is on a national website read by many people and my Hips blog is written in partnership with Latina Lista. So yes, I do feel responsible for blogging for those two blogs.

But ShoeGirl Corner is my baby. It's where I got started doing what I like to do best. I like to just talk about whatever comes to my head first. This is the place I started doing that, before Facebook and Twitter. This is where my friends would come to see what was going on in my life. Where they told me they felt like they were sitting at my kitchen table talking. I knew then that this was my voice, where I can be myself and people still come back to read.

So if you're reading this blog now for the first time or for the hundreth, Thank You for coming by and visiting. I hope you keep coming back.

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