Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing and a Whole Lot of Stuff

Design by Anne Taintor. My sister just gave me napkins with this phrase on them. Love em!

Last week I went to the Book & Author Dinner here in Houston and I totally enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed meeting Julie Powell of Julie & Julie fame and Charlaine Harris, the original creator of the True Blood characters. I'm not a vampire show fan but the writer herself was so inspiring.

An added bonus to the night was meeting Alison Cook, the restaurant critic, in person. She is SO COOL! I can't wait to go on a tour of Houston's chicharrones with her.

I wasn't planning on a quiet calm night tonight but it ended up working out that way. My friend was going to come over with her girls and her nephew and she canceled on me. Her kids were tired from their Fall Festival. We had ours today too but my little one napped so he was ready to play.

So we're just hanging out instead. Just relaxing and sipping on a Bloody Mary.

Recently I think I talked about taking the Strengths Finder test. It was either here or on my skirt! blog.

I took it for work and then I bought the book for my husband and he took the test too. I think it's a great barometer to help you become aware of your strengths.

I found out that they have the same book for kids. It's called Strengths Explorer. It's for children ages 10-14, but I think my daughter can handle the test. Once she takes the test and I take a look at it I can see how I can apply it or tailor it to my five year old boy.

I think that lately I've been going about things the wrong way. Instead of focusing on his weaknesses I'm going to start focusing on his strengths. He's such a smart little boy, but he's full of energy and he doesn't make the right decisions many times. I know he has it in him to make the right ones. So that's my goal. I ordered the StrengthExplorer book today.

My daughter is a born winner in life. She's self-motivated. She's the kind of person that's a self-starter. I hardly have to tell her to do her homework. She takes out her books when she gets home and starts working. She goes on the computer to the different sites she has to go to and does the extra work. She's just a doer. I know that if she keeps on the same path she will be successful.

My friend Lizbeth Ortiz had a phenomenal art show at Bohemeo's on Tuesday. I want to buy something from her. I bought a tiny heart in a box that is too cute, but I'd like to buy one of her larger pieces.

Next week my high school celebrates FIFTY YEARS! They are having a all alumni reunion anniversary. It should be a great event. I'm looking forward to that. It will be held at the high school and we'll be able to visit our old stomping grounds.

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