Friday, January 04, 2008

Interesting Revelations

There's a girl on the local group of people with the lap band who was banded on the same day as me. She has been experiencing nausea and sickness this whole week. It finally got to the point of being unbearable so she called our doctor, Dr. Felts. I was really impressed on how quickly she says he responded to her message. He called her personally on her cell phone to find out what was wrong. When she told him he said that she probably couldn't tolerate the fluid in her band and that he would take out half and then he'll put it back in at her one month check up.

We didn't know we had any fluid in our band. We thought that they just put the band in and then filled it when we went in for our first appointment. As it turns out, we have a little fluid in there already.

Then I wondered something. Am I the opposite of her? Maybe I don't have any fluid in mine. I say that because I've been feeling the same hunger I would as usual and I could drink a whole shake from the get go. I'm feeling very little restriction. The only real restriction that I have is the one I impose on myself by following the rules. I don't want to risk damaging the band and I'm not about to cheat, so I'm not eating food.

Today was the first time I could eat creamy soups and that's all I ate today, I was so grateful to eat something different. After one week of fluids I woke up eating cream of mushroom for breakfast, cream of tomato for lunch and cream of chicken for dinner! Tomorrow I'm going to go back on my shakes. I'll have a shake for breakfast and then soup for lunch and dinner or some combination like that.

Today was also my first day out and about. I went to Target and then I took the kids for a quick visit to the aquarium. We rode the train and the ferriswheel. I was so surprised that my little one wanted to ride the ferriswheel twice. It was his first time on one. I was also glad to see that they were feeling well enough for a little jaunt. I thought that my daughter would end her vacation without ever going anywhere. They were literally in the house with me for 6 days straight, first because of me and then because they were sick.

Well one last weekend and we're back on schedule. On with the show!

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The Moose said...

Shoegirl, I am glad that you are writing down your experiences on here with the lap band.