Saturday, July 21, 2007

Parenthood Adventures

I asked my husband the other day if 1 p.m. was too early to start drinking and his reply was, "We have children, it's never too early to start drinking." I laughed but I agreed.

Yesterday I worked from home so I felt like I was doing double-duty. I was taking care of them and working at the same time. And no, I didn't drink!

My husband has been really busy for the last few days because his company has been at this big dog show that's in town. He works for a holistic pet food company. Yes, quite interesting. So he's working today and I'm here at home hoping he's coming home before 7 p.m. so I can go get a pedicure and just get away for a little bit.

I just finished cleaning up a huge mess of paint off my kitchen table, floor and wall. My daughter helped me clean some of it since it was her mess.

I always feel like painting is going to be a bad idea but I convince myself that they really should do it because 1. It keeps them buys instead of wanting to watch TV 2. It's artistic and good for them 3. I love seeing what they painted when they're finished.

Of course no matter what precautions I take something always happens. The baby had a big old towel under his painting and my daughter had a big plastic garbage bag under her painting. The funny part of today was that it wasn't my 3 year old son who made the mess, it was my 6 year old daughter.

In the process of cleaning up, I dropped one of the tops of a paint tube down my restroom drain (which I know needs a cover!) My fault, so I just told the kids, "Don't use the sink til your Dad comes home." Fun!

Now you understand why I need a pedicure and a drink. I think I'm going to get a manicure too while I'm at it.

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Suvii said...

All I can say is hope your nails look fabulous!