Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old Friends

I went to my district convention this past weekend. It's a three day event and both informative and yes, even physically tiring with two little ones. The information that was covered was spiritually encouraging. I find it so important to be balanced in life and I feel that the spiritual side of our lives is so important.

One of the fringe benefits of going to an event like this one is that I get to see so many old (and I don't mean aged because I'm one of those too) faces. I love seeing my old friends. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in five years (how the time flies!) and another I hadn't seen in more than ten years. He had a girl and a boy just like me. It was really nice to see them all.

Dear friends
Fond memories of our younger years
80s music
Late nights at Bennigan's or Denny's
Dancing in parks
Music blaring from our car stereo
Sitting together at conventions
Taking notes and passing notes
Happy Times and Sad
Dear friends of mine


La Tejana - ~^^~LC said...

Hey Loida - long time - no see! I totally agree with you about the "spiritual" side of life also being in balance. We gotta pay attention to all parts of us. How's the writing going? I am getting started again. Oh here's my new blog link...have a look please.:)

Yxory - (Ixoree) said...


I guess it's been a time for returns, even those friends we've made through blogger (hehehe). How have you been? I'm back...I guess....Thanks to that spiritual side of our lives sometimes we make it through...and make it back. Despues de la tormenta...siempre viene la calma. I'm glad to see your still on, and happy to see that the family is great....Happy late 4th!