Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rodeos are Insane!

Okay so I'm a mother now. Which means that things that I totally avoided in the past I now have to do. Okay, I don't have to do them but if I don't do them with my kids they will miss out because of my own selfish behavior. I know I'm exaggerating, but that's the fun of it.

The Rodeo Carnival and Petting Zoo is one of those things that I would never do on my own. It is not at the top of my list of events I would enjoy. However, I have 2 kids and my cousin came to visit from McAllen, so we went. OH MY GOD!!!! First of all, I can not believe I spent $79 just like that. Is that ridiculous or what? Then, it is so exhausting! Especially when you are chasing after 2 kids. They fed the animals, petted the animals, looked at animals, rode the ponies, watched the pig race, and rode lots of rides. Yes, even the baby. He is not scared by rides. He loves them and he did not want to get off.

We parked the car in my work parking garage downtown and we rode the train in, which was fun for the kids. Another cousin who lives in Houston went with us and her little boy had never gone on the train so it was an adventure for all of us.

And yes I did say PIG RACE for those of you non-Texans. Isn't that hilarious? You know you're from Texas when you can say you've been to a pig race or two in your life. Yes, this was my second one in my life!

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Suvii said...

Sounds like quite an adventure, but lots of fun!!!!