Sunday, February 11, 2007


Time. There's never enough of it. I look at my books piled up on my kitchen table and I think about how much I would love to read a couple of those books. A co-worker let me borrow a book that looks really good a while back and I'm yet to start it. And I need to or I'm going to have to give it back to her. I hate keeping other people's books too long. At the same time I really want to read "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Two of my sisters read it and it's my turn to read it next then pass it on to sister #4. We've created our own book club of sorts.

Yesterday I was looking for some of my thin markers for a school project my daughter was working on and I thought of my son's baby book. He's going to be 3 at the end of April and I haven't finished his baby book. I need to make it my goal to finish that book between now and April 30. It won't be as fat as my daughter's book but at least it chronicles the main events in his first year. That's one project I need to work on.

I also need to continue on my queries. I sent a bunch out (twelve to be exact) and I've received seven rejections. I need to get busy sending out more until I find an agent interested in my book. On top of the queries I really want to start submitting to literary journals.

I was watching the Oprah show last night (recorded) and it was about clutter. I so agree with that concept that the clutter in your house brings you down. I feel like that too! It's crazy how clutter can affect your mood. That's another thing I'm going to resolve to work on. Decluttering my life! I'm going to start throwing away crap that I'm not using or haven't used in 6 months or longer. I'm going to get Rey to clean out his closets too. That is going to take time too but it will be well worth it. I want to tackle that right away, like this week.

Busy week ahead. I have a ton of things to do! As many of you know by now, I don't celebrate birthdays. However I can say that today I am 37 years old! I mention it because I can't believe it myself. I feel like I am halfway through my life and I still have so much left to do! 2007 will belong to me. This is the year when greater things are going to happen. By greater I mean greater than the blessings I already have in my life. I am grateful for the gifts in my life now but I can imagine an even greater life for myself spiritually, emotionally and professionally. I will march on bravely into my late '30s with the attitude that I will achieve all my goals.

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Suvii said...

I hope 2007 sees you accomplish many of your professional, personal goals and dreams. Happy Birthday!

Adam Luis said...

Submitting to magazines is such a messy and boring process! About two years ago, I wrote my first fiction story and my professors really encouraged me to submit it to different magazines. We weren't expecting publication on my first time out, but it was a great experience - the actual process wasn't. Writing cover letters, running to Kinko's, buying envelopes and postage. It was expensive and time consumming - but well worth the thirty rejections!