Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vacation's OVER!

Why is it that you can have 10 days in a row off from work (counting the weekend) and the 10th day just becomes the absolute most valuable? I wanted for the kids to have a really good day before returning to school and the sitter. I took them to the Children's Museum yesterday thinking they'd play for what? close to 3 hours? Try close to 4! My kids are insane and have way too much energy. We had fun. We stayed inside this time and they are pretty good about staying in one room or exhibit area, which was good for me because I was less frazzled trying to run after the baby.

Once they were settled in playing at something I would make myself comfortable and read from my new book. A great collection of short stories. (I've really liked those lately.) It's called "In One Year and Out the Other." I would read a snipit in each room and before I knew it I was finished with the first short story, "The Bad Breakup Regime." Very cute!

I still haven't finished "Girls Night In" and I still want "Girls Night Out" but I'm controlling myself from buying it if I'm not even finished with the first one and besides I now have this new book too. I'm really becoming a chic lit fan. I absolutely LOVE the first short story in "Girls Night In" by Meg Cabot. It's called "Party Planner" and it's written as a series of e-mails. It had me howling in laughter!

Anyhow, I always like to look up the authors' websites and I found something really interesting. While most of the female mainstream chic lit authors have websites only a very few of Latina authors in "Borderline Personalities" have websites. I wonder why that is??

I dragged my happy butt back to work today reluctantly but I was there. What joy! Seriously, I am glad I have a pretty interesting job that I enjoy at least. Sometimes that's what keeps me back from writing. I get too comfortable.

Now I have to go to sleep. I was successful getting my daughter to school by 7:30 this morning. Let's see if I can do it again tomorrow. It's late. Someone had a late nap and is wide awake. Lovely! (Ignore the time post on here. It's on crack!)

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