Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yes, we actually have some freezing in Houston. It's been interesting. I still had to go to work, but my daughter's school was closed, so I had to take her to the baby sitter's house. I had a meeting I had to be in this morning and I have a lot to do today. (I'm at lunch right now.)

I didn't get any writing done this past weekend because of the weather. After posting my last entry Saturday morning I went back to the cottage. As soon as I was getting into my writing I heard the rain coming down hard. Right after that my husband was knocking on the door ready to come in for the day. We stayed in all day and watched movies, football, and napped. We also went to the restaurant there on the grounds for lunch and dinner.

Sunday wasn't much better because it was really cold, 38 degrees. It actually got cold there first before it got cold here. So no golf or writing that day either. We decided to try and beat the rain and bad weather and left Bastrop around noon. When we got into Houston it was 68 degrees!

Anyway, life is what happens when you're making other plans. I'll just have to do my revisions the old fashioned way. At my kitchen table with the kids running around!

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