Friday, October 13, 2006

The Synopsis

I am in the middle of the synopsis. I am so close to finishing my novel but I need a swift kick in the butt to bring it all together to my grand finale. I have the entire skeleton and some meat there. I just need to go back and fill in all the details. (I think I've written about this before.) I’m lighting a fire under myself to push me to finish by sending out my synopsis and my first chapter to some agents. Once it's "out there" I will be pressured to finish. I work better under pressure! I'm giving myself a deadline of the end of this month to have the synopsis and first chapter ready to send out.

So I am in the middle of synopsis he--! How can it be so hard to write a synopsis when you've written a whole book? I wrote one and it sucked. But I felt better when an author I correspond with sometimes told me she hates writing synopses. She shared some examples of something she wrote and another author I know gave me her format outline. Between those two and the example on the internet I should figure out how to write something that grabs an agent. AY A YAY!!

Going to an art show tonight with my sister. Maybe that will get my creative juices flowing. An artist I know that used to work at the Chronicle, as an accountant of all things, is showing some art. Go here to see some of the art that’s been shown in the past and at this show. The gallery opens at 6:30 tonight but there will be a fashion show at 7:30.

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