Monday, March 13, 2006

Some Things Never Change

I'm really posting this on Wednesday, March 15 but since I saved some notes as a draft on Sunday, it's showing as Sunday. Blogger used to give you the option to change the time but it doesn't anymore for some reason. Either that or I can figure it out. Anyway!

About Rosy's counselor not showing her more scholarships.
I e-mailed back and forth with my mentee last week. I reminded her to apply for more scholarships because with her class rank and the fact that she didn't speak English 5 years ago alone, she should qualify for more money. She told me she didn't really know how and that her regular counselor didn't do that for them.

I was appalled. I thought to myself, "Nothing has changed!" I so took this personally because I myself graduated 18 years ago #36 out of 337 students (and I had spoken English my whole life!) and yet my counselor didn't let me know about any scholarships, except one tiny $500 one. I was young and ignorant, it was before the Internet, and even though I had older sisters they were all caught up in their own lives. I was so upset that this young girl doesn't know enough to research scholarships. In about 30 minutes I found a bunch of potential scholarships for her to inquire about.

Spring Break = cold fronts and rain
On Monday I took Miranda and Seth to the sitter and I had only packed shorts and short sleeves. When I got off the car I was surprised to find that it had gotten really cool outside. Then I saw her grand-daughter there and I asked what she was doing there and I realized it's Spring Break for a lot of kids this week. As I drove away to go to work I laughed to myself. Of course it's Spring Break! It was overcast and a cold front came in even though last week it was 80 degrees and sunny! I remember so many Spring Breaks growing up that I anticipated and when it finally arrived so did a cold front or rain. I called my friend Vicki and shared my joke with her. She laughed and we reminisced about Spring Breaks gone bad. She told me about one Spring Break with our friend Stephanie at Padre Island on the Corpus side. They packed all shorts and short sleeved shirt and on the second day a cold front came through. I reminded her of the time we went to Rockport and it was overcast and even rained one day. We had a good laugh!

And finally a note on how beautiful Austin is.
Yesterday I had to go to Austin on business and I had forgotten how beautiful Austin is. I mean BEAUTIFUL! The weather was so perfect and I really enjoyed it. I flew in because it was faster than flying, but I rented a car so I got to drive around. I finished a little early so instead of waiting in the airport I sat outside of the Starbucks right on Congress St. just in the shadow of the State Capital building. It is really a beautiful old building.

That's it. All my thoughts for the night. I have a baby standing on my chair behind my back, pulling my hair and then kissing me on my checks and yelling in my ear.

I want to do some other stuff then I want to exercise a bit before I take a shower and go to bed.


Coco said...

Unfortunately, there are some "counselors" not being conscientious and or ethical with what they should be doing- HELPING! It's a good thing Rosie has a mentor- YOU!


Coco said...

As for "BLOGGER" not allowing us to change the date/time of our post...
it all depends on the "Search Engine" that we are using.

At work, I have available Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape...the only one that allows me to change the date/time of the post is Internet Explorer!


ShoeGirl said...

OK, so that's why I've seen the option when I go into Blogger from Blackberry.

Yxory - (Ixoree) said...

I have struggled with this for a while now, and have looked into why some students obtain more assistance than others. What I have come to realize in my observations of many counseling departments throughout my school district is that the system SUCKS! Yes, great eloquence, but truly that is the sum. Everyone drags their feet until it's time to hussle and then they want to see 2500 students in three week time to schedule, advise and assist. It's not going to happen. So who suffers the middle kids, those kids who are not in the top ten percent, but who are not in the bottom of the barrel percent either.....they just have to find out for themselves. This isn't fair to them, but who can change it? Having worked in education for the past 16 years, I realize that it's very difficult to change, but the sad part is that the ones who suffer are the kids!

Sangroncito said...

I like Austin, too!

ShoeGirl said...

Where have you not been Sangro? LOL! I love it!