Thursday, March 09, 2006

Exhausted but Happy

I have to post about the incredible day I had yesterday before I forget any important details I may want to include. It's really late and I really should be in bed but I've been thinking about this all day.

Yesterday I met my mentee, a senior at Reagan High School, at KPFT to observe the Nuestra Palabra radio show. She was so excited to be there that it was infectious. She was in awe that all the DJs, Tony, Angie and Liana, are volunteers. She wanted to know how she could volunteer and was really excited to find out that there's a Summer Youth Program. She got the application information.

I was also really happy to see that Rose Mary Salum, Editor in Chief of Literal Magazine, was there to be interviewed for the show. It was a great coincidence that she was there that very night. She's the author that read with me last month at the Houston Institute for Culture. If you haven't had a chance to check out her magazine go to Subscribe to receive a beautiful upscale magazine or if you're here locally you can pick it up at Brazos Bookstore.

At the end of the show Tony asked me to introduce my mentee and she got to say her name on the radio. That was pretty exciting for her too. If you want to hear Rose Mary Salum's interview and our little intro at the end log on to Go to the Tuesday Nuestra Palabra show. You can listen to the whole thing or you can fast forward the show to any point.

My other great news is that the Edward James Olmos Latino Book and Family Festival is coming to town May 6 & 7 and I'll be volunteering both at the festival with Nuestra Palabra and at our Chronicle booth. Rosy, my mentee, is interested in volunteering at the festival too.

This is the year of the Latina the LBFF! Four great authors will be there and some great local talent, like Gwen Zepeda The four national known authors are Laura Esquivel (Like Water for Chocolate), Alisa Valdes Rodriguez (Dirty Girls Social Club), Jackie Guerra (actor, played Selena’s sister in the movie has a book out- Under Construction), and Deborah Santana (as in Santana’s wife). She is also an author. This will be a great festival this year with a lot of energy!! I can’t wait.

Good night and more details later!


Lu Soto said...

I've heard about that book/ film festival before, i'm so jealous! nothing ever happens here (Pa).


Sangroncito said...

How wonderful that you are promoting books for Latino/as! I do more than half my reading in Spanish and Portuguese. I believe it is very important to promote bi-lingual literature and language development in the U.S.
Viva Español!

ShoeGirl said...

Houston is AWESOME!

Rose Mary Salum said...

Loida, so far we’ve coincided in some activities. I just love your enthusiasm. ¡Eres una mujer que transmite mucha alegría!

ShoeGirl said...

Sangro, Thanks!

Rose Mary, You are too kind with your comments! Love ya!